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History Room

The History Room at the Stamford Library contains a wealth of local history resources including family histories, town histories, yearbooks, scrapbooks, photographs, and much more. History room resources are available during all regular library hours and simply require individuals to sign in and agree not to remove any history room materials from the library. Copies can be made at the front desk for .15 cents per page.

History Room Holdings

Family Histories:

Arnold, Redwind, & Earle Family – by Willis Arnold Boughton, 1948.
Beckley Genealogy – The decendents of Richard Beckley, of Wetherfield, CT – by Caroleen Beckley Sheppard, 1948.
Bennett, A Family History and Genealogy – Yankee Clippers Golden Slippers and More – by Charles P. Bennett.
Boggs, The Diary of Marietta
Bouton, contained in three three-ring binders – compiled by Eugene Bouton.
Brainerd Family, Genealogy of – by Rev. David D. Field D.D., 1857.
Brainard Genealogy: 1649-1857.
Brainerd-Brainard: 1649-1908 – by Lucy Abigail Brainard – Published 1908 – 3 volumes.
Champlin Bible vitals, earliest date 1815.
Churchill Family in America (Photocopies) – by Gordon & Nathaniel Churchill – Published 1904.
Churchill, My Reminiscences of an Active Life – by Dr. Stephen R. Churchill 1841-1917 – 3 copies.
Clark Family, The Genealogy – 1541-1907.
Dales Genealogy: 1690-1960 – by Burr M. Dales & Ethel Silvernail Chrisp – 2 copies.
(Dales) Five Dozen Fringe Mittens – by Mildred Many Schoonmaker Dales, 1982.
Dayton, Descendents of Michael – 1722-1776 Watertown, CT – compiled by Lewis Scott Dayton, 1963.
Dayton, Ancestry of Chauncey Lemon, 1810-1887 – compiled by Lewis Scott Dayton, 1949.
Frisbee, Frisbee Genealogy – by Edward S. Frisbee, 1919.
Gibbs, Genealogy, 1629-1966 – compiled by Ruth Marion Gibbs Wiley, 1967.
Grants & Their Relatives – by John P. Grant, printed 1926 – includes index.
Hayner Family History, the descendants of Johannes Haner, 1710-1966 – by  Jennie, Mabelle, and Florence Hayner.
Hillis, Descendents of Adam, 1789-1875 – by Helen M. and Dorothy E. Bruce.
Howard & Davis Family Vital Statistics – in a manila envelope.
Hoyt Family – prepared for the 40th Annual Hoyt Reunion – by Wilber Hoyt, 1950.
MacPherson – 3-volume index.
Merwin Family in North America- prepared by the descendants of Miles Merwin (1623-1697) Assiciation Inc., 1978 – 3 volumes.
More, John and Betty Stories, Pioneers of Delaware County – by Grace VanDyke More – 2 copies.
More Family, History of the – by David Fellows More, 1893.
More Family, Chronicles of – Grace VanDyke More, Editor.
More Family, Historical Journals (bound) the 1890s to early 1900. Includes loose journals in a box (1932-1958).
Nichols, Descendants of Ezra 1763-1827 – by Helen M. Bruce, 1964.
Patchin – Patchen, History & Genealogy of – by Grace Patchen Leggett, 1952.
Peters, Richard of Half Moon now Clifton Park, 3 volumes.
Rulison, Rulifson, Ruliffson Family, Genealogy 1689-1918.
Ruliffson, Harmon 1689-1961.
Sanford, Thomas Emigrant to New England 1632(4) – 1911, 2 volumes.
Swayer-Mathews Families
Sherwood, Letters & Journals of Samuel & Laura (1813-1823) – edited by J.D. Crocker, Delhi, NY, 1967.
Silvernail Family in America
Swayer-Mathews Families of Central New York State – William Swayer Bergen.
Turnbull, Descendants of Edward & Mary (Dickson), of Andes, NY, 1967.
VanBuren, Rebecca & Andrew Salisbury, 1642-1989 – by Donald & Marion Salisbury.
Watson, Pendell, Curry, Bliss, Howard – Bogardus Histories – by Joesph M. Watson, 1969.
West Family 1600-1946 – by Verna McMinn Persons, 1949.
Willis, Daniel – Bible vitals.


Abigail Harper Chapter of the National Society DAR, By-Laws, 1934.
Abigail Harper Chapter DAR Stamford-in-the-Catskills, New York, booklets with year’s events and members from 1925-1948 and 1952-1989 and minutes from 1918-1960.
An Autumn Tour of the Area Homes and Landmarks, presented by Stamford Village Improvement Association, September 22, 1979.
Buntline – E.Z.C. Judson, Alias Ned Buntline, Malcolm MacPherson, 1972.
Buntline, Ned, King of the Dime Novels, by Dr. Thomas Kovalik, 1986.
Contents of Box and Corner Stone of the Stamford Seminary & Union Free School, 1903.
Cyr – NRTA Journal – July/August 1981 – article on Dr. Cyr.

Griffin Collection

1797 Survey of tract of land.
1851-1859 Birth, Marriage, & Death Records.
Poems & Thoughts 1830-1850
1854 Will of Orrin Griffin (with a very complete list of possessions), Executors Laura & Charles Griffin.
1856 Journal – Property of Charles Griffin, Stamford – Accounts paid & unpaid.
1801 Ledger.
1793, 1811 Indentures (deeds).
1822 Will of Heth? Griffin.
1852 Julia Griffin’s Diary.
1854 Julia Griffin’s funeral service.
John B Griffin lists of mileage, etc.
1854 John B Griffin Diary
1914-1956 Stamford Village Library savings account book.
1881 List of subscribers to History of the town of Stamford, by Charles Griffin.
1850s paper relating to shipment of butter to California. Also, papers relating to the estate of Orrin Griffin.
The original manuscript of the history of the town of Stamford.

Don McPherson Scrapbooks, 1934-1937

#1 – The town of Stamford, A Documentary History from records in the town clerk’s office.
#2 Churches of Harpersfield, Kortright, and Stamford; St. Peters Church at Hobart, and church at Harpersfield.
#4 Early Land Patents – The Livingston Family Papers from the Hardenburgh Collection – Historical Sketches of Old New York and Life and Times of Sir William Johnson, 1750-1774.
#5 Turnpikes and state roads in eastern New York State, 1790-1840.
#6 Miscellaneous Indexed: dams, horse power of stream, magnetic declination, map of More Cabin, notes of the survey on J.A. Sharpe farm, South Kortright, rainfall, retaining walls, water flow in pipes and capacity of pipes and friction in pipes, etc.
#7 Cemeteries in Bloomville, Bovina Center, Harpersfield, Hobart, Jefferson, Kortright Center, North Kortright, Roses Brook, Roxbury, South Kortright, Stamford, and Township.
#8 Deeds, mortgages, and sales.
#10 Assorted events: canals, Casey at the Bat, churches, Delhi, Frisbee House, etc.
#11 Assorted newspaper clippings including a picture of Don McPherson from 1939.
#12 Assorted clippings.
#13 Assorted clippings.
#17 Rafting (timber) on the Delaware River, by Leslie C. Wood, 1937.