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Library Card

Unlock all the Stamford Library has to offer with a FREE library card today. In addition to providing access to all of the resources, materials, and programming available at the Stamford Library, a library card number and pin also unlocks a world of digital content, including ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies, magazine, research databases, educational resources, references materials and MUCH MORE through the Four County Library System!

Printable Library Card Application

Just print and return the above form to the library! We’ll need the completed application, a photo ID, and proof of your address (like a utility bill)  to issue your card. You can also apply for a card online HERE!

Association Membership
Are you an association member? Is it time to renew your membership?

The library is an association library, which is established and controlled by a group of private individuals operating as an association. Management consists of a nine-member board of trustees. It is a private, not-for-profit organization, chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York and governed by its Division of Library Development. The library is maintained solely as a public service, for the benefit and free use on equal terms of all the people of the community.

Membership in the association is available to any interested party. Association dues are $15 for twelve months and payment is required in order to vote on any business of the association.
The library association has a policy of open meetings, so one need not be an association member to attend any meetings of the association.
Trustees of association libraries are not considered public officers and are not required to take an oath of office.


Lifetime Membership
Lifetime membership into the association was established at the April 2007 meeting for dues of $100.

Now that you know how it works, are you an association member? Is it time to renew your membership? You can, of course, stop at the front desk on your next visit and join, paying either in cash or by check. Or you can join through PayPal if it’s more convenient—just make sure to put your name and mailing address in your PayPal message and indicate that it is for association membership.

List of Lifetime Members:

Barbara Balliet
Katherine Bedford
Jennifer Boyle
Lyle Chastaine
Deborah Church
Millie Faulkner
Katy Graves
Marcella Grogan
Patricia Heath
Damian Hill
Fred Hitchcock
John Hubbard
Lee Hudson
Mary Hyatt
Jessica Jones
Stephen I. Kasloff
Michael Koch
Charles Kopfman
Ruth Lyons
Elizabeth McPhail
Edie Mesick
LaEtta Monsees
Douglas Murphy
Rodger Oesterle
Patricia Parks
Stephanie Rubin-Ruquet
Elizabeth Seale
Mary Fran Sheppard
Anne Slatin
Denise Sommers
Gerry Stoner
Linda Stratigos
Michael Teitelbaum
Ellen Thorn
Flora Trappenburg
Janet Wenner